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1MAY 2024

In Person Practical Observership.

1MAY 2024

In Person Practical Observership.

Our Courses

Basic Course in Sleep Medicine

Dr. Manvir Bhatia

Sleep Apnea -Its more than a Snore

Dr. Manvir Bhatia

The Wheel of Insomnia

Dr. Manvir Bhatia

ENT & Sleep Apnea

Dr. Manvir Bhatia

Director of Sleep Medicine Institute

Dr. Manvir Bhatia

Dr.Manvir Bhatia is a Senior Neurologist and Sleep Specialist with more than 30 years of experience. Dr.Manvir is Director of Neurology & Sleep Centre, New Delhi. She is currently the Vice President of Indian society of Sleep research. She is the author of the book-“The Sleep Solution” first non-fiction book on sleep, in India.
The journey of Neurology & Sleep Centre started in 2008. Dr. Manvir Bhatia was trained at All India Institute of Medical Science in Delhi for neurology and sleep and continued as faculty for 10 years as a sleep & neurophysiology department.
In the year 2011, we started with MB Medical Technologies Pvt. Ltd as a supported company for selling PAP Devices. Also in the same year, NSC started its partnership with Ace School of Sleep Medicine by Dr.Manvir Bhatia and Dr.Preeti Devnani to conduct national and international level courses.

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Voice Of Our Students

❤ They Love Our Sleep Training Work ❤

Dr. Ankita


Course is precise, well structured and caters to the basic foundation required in sleep medicine Keep up the good work

Dr. Trilok


Amazing informative and interactive session at the sleep update with Dr.Bhatia.

Dr. Amrita


An interesting journey into sleep science with current update and relevant clinical material.

Dr.Archita Joshi


Extremely dedicated and well-versed in their field of Sleep medicine. They are putting in an excellent exemplary effort in training and acquainting people into this field. Maybe we should have more sessions yearly.

Dr. Jeetendra Yogi


Thanx for a nice course on sleep medicine. I have attended the full advance course in sleep medicine. It was a nice course. But course also should have a session with actual patient also.

Dr. Joydeep


After getting interested in Sleep Medicine long time back, this is the first of the kind of training programme, where I really have got the understanding of the basics of sleep. Thanks to both of you Madam for putting so much effort and sparing your valuable time for this well designed training programme.

Our Latest Event

Under the experienced mentorship of Dr. Manvir Bhatia, SMI is continuing its  Observership Program in Delhi with different time duration-4 days/1 week/1 month.

What’s special:

  • In-person, Single person or small group set up
  • Hands on interactive role play based learning
  • Post program connect (virtual)
  • Complementary module on successfully starting a sleep center

Please refer to the program brochure for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any Question ❔ We have some answers for you.
Do I have to attend the theory and practical session daily or I can attend according to my convenient time.

These sessions are recorded and uploaded on our portal. You can attend at your convenience.

For a practical session for the Basic Course in Sleep Medicine do I have to come to your place or I can attend online?

No need to visit our center, practical will be an online live session.

How can I pay the course fee?

Through bank transfer Or RazorPay

In case I have any doubt, how can I ask ?(for theory - recorded session)

You can send your question on our facebook group – Sleep medicine Q&A or via EMAIL.

Who is going to answer my questions ? And how?

After every three months we will be conducting a Live interactive doubt clearing session prior to that you can email your questions which can be addressed.

Do we need to buy all 10 modules for the Advance Course?

It is up to you if you need to purchase all the modules, you can also make choose packages for 3 modules, 6 modules or can buy individual modules as per your preferences.

Will there be an Exam for Advance Course in Sleep Medicine?

No there will be no exam for these modules, once you have completed them you need to submit your feedback and will be provide you the certificate

Who all are eligible to do an Advance Course in Sleep Medicine?

All those who would like to enhance their knowledge in sleep medicine.

Can I show a certificate for a job?

These courses are for knowledge upgradation, these certificates will add a value addition in your resume.

After completion of this course Am I eligible for a Sleep Technician job or sleep medicine practice?

These courses are for knowledge upgradation, these certificates will add a value addition in your resume.

Are these courses or SMI Platform accredited by any Sleep Bodies?

No SMI Platform is not accredited by any sleep bodies however it is a part of Neurology & Sleep Centre which is accredited by Indian Board of Sleep Medicine. Also this platform is started by Dr. Manvir Bhatia who is a vice president of ISSR, Member of World Sleep Society, American Academy of Sleep Medicine, Indian Society of Sleep Research, and Indian Academy of Neurology.

How a student stay connected with SMI?

We will be sharing you a google classroom link and you can also join our facebook group and can post your queries which will be resolved.

Will there be any refund for this course?

There will be no refund.

How will I get the certificate?

Once you have completed the course you will get the certificate via email.