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Kickstart your knowledge about the science of Sleep and Sleep Medicine 

This blog will encompass Basic Course in Sleep Medicine, Advance modules & comprehensive courses to help you grow your knowledge in the field of sleep medicine.

As you know the sleep medicine field has grown rapidly in the last few years. Patients with sleep issues present to physicians of all specialties. It is  important to know the sleep disorders in order to diagnose them and provide appropriate improvement.

Active diagnosis and management is possible after gaining knowledge about the specialty .

Keeping this in our vision, a first of its kind , an online platform to enable one to learn about Sleep and common sleep disorders  was  launched in 2020 by Dr. Manvir Bhatia for physicians, technicians, technologists, patients and to all those who wish to improve their awareness of sleep related problems and sleep disorders.

Sleep medicine institute deals a wide range  of educational choices. Our well recognized and learned faculty who are stalwarts in this field form an integral part of the family. We aim to prepare our students with the skills to assimilate this knowledge into the ever-changing landscape of healthcare which helps them stay up to date in their industry.

Sleep Medicine Institute, is a division of Neurology & Sleep Centre( is a one stop solution for treatment, training, teaching & community awareness for sleep related issues & neurological disorders.)

The courses are of 2 categories—those with multiple modules eg ( Comprehensive Management of OSA:An ENT Persepctive,Pediatric Sleep Medicine:A Clinical Approach,Dental Sleep Medicine Course) and other being single modules .

The response has been very encouraging, the institute has trained more than 150 Doctors/Therapists and Technicians, majority of them rating the quality of the course as 5 star.

Basic course in sleep medicine is intended to offer a complete state-of-the-art method to the diagnosis of sleep disorders..

This 3 month online course, covers all structures of sleep medicine and technology. Starting with base knowledge about normal respiratory and sleep physiology, it will also cover all sleep disorders and their treatment, including applied application of sleep disorders assessment and management. You will be trained about existing practice in sleep science, as well as introduced to new and sensational developments for the future.

This course is a concentrated introduction to the ground of sleep medicine. It is significant for all those new to the field and mentioned for those who would like to revive their information base.

Contributors will be able to review thoughts, obtain up-to-date systematic data and applied tips, to proficiently and truthfully analyze sleep disorders.

Knowledge & Skills you stand to gain: 

  • Recognize the essentials of sleep functioning
  • Assess a sleep patient
  • Classify the main corresponding tests in sleep medicine
  • Recognize the specific necessities for execution of sleep lab
  • Be able to make a patient to complete a sleep study
  • Gain involvement with polysomnography scoring
  • Cover the basic applied skills required including wiring up, troubleshooting and report explanation – develop and improve these core practical skills
  • Interaction with new research and developing knowledge in sleep medicine
  • Define standard developing sleep changes across the lifespan.
  • Clarify ordinary sleep patterns, common sleep disorders and co-morbid sleep disorders.
  • Discuss possibly opposing health products associated with sleep disorders.
  • Apply information of sleep into a health valuation, patient’s health care plan, and patient teaching.
  • Observe risk factors of sleep disorders and label interferences to promote necessary sleep.
  • Appraise and enlighten sleep problems associated with co-morbid and chronic conditions and appropriate involvements to promote sleep.
  • Investigate evidence-based methods to evaluate sleep related data and findings of sleep research articles

An MCQ pattern will be conducted at the end of the arrangement and the trainee is predictable to clear to receive a completion certification. 

Doctors with post graduate qualification in Internal Medicine, Chest Medicine, Psychiatry, Neurology and ENT, Physicians, Medical trainees with special interest in sleep medicine and Sleep technologists should consider taking up this course. 

We have various Advance modules & courses from eminent national and international faculties. These are online pre-recorded which will give you complete array of knowledge on sleep medicine.

They are as following-

1.Snoring can be your practice builder

   Faculty-Dr. Deepak Shrivastava

Learning objectives

  1. Physiologic mechanisms and prevalence of snoring
  2. How snoring causes a major health care burden?
  3. What is the association of snoring to cardiovascular disease?
  4. How snoring can be effectively managed before it causes further damage?
  5. Review of the available current clinical evidence regarding impact of snoring

2.Insomnia overview (causes & management)

 Faculty-Dr. Manvir Bhatia and Dr. Ravi Gupta

Learning objectives

  1. Classifications of Insomnia
  2. Understand the Pathophysiology of Insomnia
  3. Evaluation of Patients with Insomnia
  4. Offer best possible treatment options to patients with Insomnia

3. Multiple Sleep Latency Test & Maintenance Of Wakefulness Test

Faculty-Dr. Manvir Bhatia

Learning Objectives

  1. What Is Mslt, Mwt?
  2. When to perform MSLT, MWT?
  3. How are these tests performed?
  4. What are normal and what are abnormal results?

4.Circadian Rhythm – Basic Concept Building

Faculty- Dr. Karuna Datta

Learning Objectives

  • Enumerate the basic principles of Circadian Rhythm.
  • Illustrate various ways in which these principles can be used for therapy

5.Neurobiology of Sleep

Faculty-Dr. P.N Ravindra / Dr. Bindu Kutty

Learning Objectives

  • Overview of neural substrates of sleep (NREM, REM & DREAM)
  • Interaction to maintain sleep and wake states
  • Physiology of sleep
  • Importance of sleep in health

6.Advances In Narcolepsy And Hypersomnia

Faculty-Dr. Preeti Devnani

Learning Objectives

  1. Recognize the key clinical symptoms of hypersomnia
  2. Emphasize evidence based management strategies
  3. Discuss newer treatment approaches

7.Cbt For Insomnia

Faculty-Ravi Gupta

Learning Objectives

  1. Initiate and conduct multi-component CBT to patients with chronic insomnia
  2. Identify use of individual modules based on patient’s clinical features
  3. Identify reasons for non-compliance and address them

8.Efficacy Of Cpap Therapy For Osa

Faculty-Dr. Deepak Shrivastava

Learning Objectives

  1. Review the effects of CPAP on daytime sleepiness and quality of life
  2. Review of CPAP efficacy in multiple comorbid medical conditions
  3. Review of cardiovascular functional improvement by use of CPAP
  4. Review controversy in CPAP literature and its benefit to the patient compliance
  5. Review of the available current clinical evidence to support use of CPAP

9.Build Your Own Home Sleep Apnoea Testing Program

Faculty-Dr. Deepak Shrivastava

Learning Objectives

  1. Review of the benefits of home sleep testing (HST)
  2. Review of AASM practice parameters to enhance the quality of the HST program
  3. Review treatment options after results of HST become available
  4. Review limitations of HST and when to refer patient for in-laboratory sleep study
  5. Review available current literature regarding home sleep testing

10.Starting A Sleep Centre

Faculty-Dr. Manvir Bhatia

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand requirements of sleep centre
  2. Write a business for starting a sleep centre
  3. Components required for setting up a successful sleep centre

11.Restless Legs Syndrome Diagnosis and Management

Faculty-Diego García-Borreguero, MD, phd

Learning objectives:

  1. Understand and identify the main clinical features of RLS
  2. Learn the main diagnostic procedures in RLS
  3. Perform a differential diagnosis with the main medical and psychiatric conditions that mimic RLS
  4. Know the main first-line treatments for RLS, their side effects and long-term complications

12.Dental Sleep Medicine Course

Faculty-Dr.Aditi Desai

Learning objectives

  • Explore the role of dentistry in the assessment and management of sleep-related breathing disorders and learn how dental sleep medicine can work in your practice.
  • Gain an introduction to sleep bruxism in relation to sleep-related breathing disorders.
  • Appreciate dentistry’s role in the management of sleep-related breathing disorders as part of a multidisciplinary team.
  • Know how to identify, screen, and manage patients at risk, following a recognized screening protocol.

13.Comprehensive Management of OSA: An ENT Perspective

Learning objectives

  • Understand sleep and differentiate common sleep disorders.
  • Distinguish OSA and types of sleep-disordered breathing (OHS).
  • PAP therapy – When and How to use?
  • Confident in choosing the right surgery for the right patient.

14.The Role of Myofunctional Therapy in Snoring and OSA

Faculty-Dr.Susana Falardo Ramos

Learning Objectives – 

  • Evaluate and identify muscle structures in the orofacial region
  • Increase knowledge in myofunctional therapy
  • Learning myofunctional techniques and their applications to OSA patients (adults and children)

15.How to approach abnormal movements in sleep?

Faculty-Dr.Jirada Sringean

Learning objectives

  • Recognize abnormal movement events during sleep
  • Classify the abnormal movement events throughout sleep as parasomnias, sleep-associated movement disorders, or different miscellaneous movements
  • Choose the proper method for assessment
  • By the end of this course, you will be able to understand how to approach abnormal movements in sleep.

16.Understanding The Basics and Science of Sleep

Faculty-Dr.Manvir Bhatia

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand sleep, the sleep stages, dimensions of sleep.
  • What controls sleep and wakefulness?.
  • Knowledge about the types of sleep disorders.

17.Sleep Apnea: Yes or No (Defining the severity of the problem)

Faculty-Dr.Manvir Bhatia

Learning objectives

  • Multidisciplinary approach for the management of OSA
  • Role of change in lifestyle measures and impact on OSA

18.Treatment of OSA Surgical

Faculty-Dr.Manvir Bhatia,Dr.Seemabh Shaikh,Dr.Srinivas Sistla,Dr.Rahul Modi

Learning Outcomes

  • Confident in Selecting the right surgery for the right patient.
  • Learn to evaluate OSA patient with ENT perspective.
  • Impact of surgeries on OSA patient.

19.Pediatric Sleep Medicine Course – A Clinical Approach

Faculty-Dr.Deepak Shrivastava,Dr.Manvir Bhatia,Dr.Preeti Devanani

Learning objectives

  • Evolution of sleep from new-born to adolescence.
  • Common Sleep Disorders – OSA, Insomnia, hypersomnia, RLS in children.
  • How to diagnose and manage general pediatric sleep disorders?
  • Real case studies with practice management updates and guidelines.

20.Sleep Study Level 3 Online Course When & How To Connect?

Learning objectives

  • Introduction to sleep disorders and Level-3 sleep study test.
  • Indications and Contraindications of Level 3.
  • When to prescribe a Level 3 test to a patient and when should it not be done.
  • Configuration of the Level 3 test device
  • How to read the data from the device and how to interpret it.

To know the procedure to enroll and if ,Interested to pursue or have a question? Reach us at & 8527119474.

Happy Learning! 


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