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Sleep Medicine Institute is dedicated to providing well-rounded training experience in all aspects of ENT sleep medicine, as the Online ENT Sleep Medicine Course In India offered by us is unique, and covers many lectures in sleep medicine, an area (to overcome the most common roadblocks in sleep medicine practice for Comprehensive Management Of OSA) that is not usually a focus in other Courses In ENT Sleep Medicine and training.

Serving as the best Academy Of Sleep Medicine, and a strong backbone to our enrollees, in helping them acquire intricate knowledge and development in the ENT sleep medicine space, with our Certification Course In ENT Sleep Medicine not only gets them started on an exciting journey into treating patients with Management of OSA but also makes them capable of prescribing oral appliances to patients.


Learning from Experts

Learn from the experts of the industry. Course imparted and backed by a team of Senior Specialists with 20 years of experience.


Can customize learning as the online course provides a flexible schedule and learning environment

Doubt Clearing

Join learning Community via Google Classroom, where you will get frequent updates and will be able to interact with each other.

Case Studies

Access to CASE STUDIES for better understanding of complex concepts

More than 30 years of expertise in the field

She has treated more than 5000 patients with sleep-related issues and neurological disorders during these years.

Sleep Diagnosis and Treatment

Sleep Medicine Institute started in 2008 as one of its kind in providing a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for all kinds of sleep-related issues and neurological disorders.

Training Students

Dr. Manvir Bhatia initiated the Ace School of Sleep Medicine in 2011 in partnership with Dr. Preeti Devnani to provide training to students interested in Sleep Medicine.

Premier Training Facility

This is a premier training facility for physicians and other health care professionals in the field of Sleep Medicine. Dr.Manvir Bhatia has Successfully conducted 22 courses which include National and International Workshops and Conferences.

Senior Technologists and Technicians

Our team consists of Managers, Senior Technologists, and Technicians for whom regular training is provided to enhance their knowledge in sleep and keep them Up-to-Date.

Practical Comprehensive Course

The courses are designed to provide participants with a practical comprehensive overview and understanding of the pathophysiology, clinical symptomatology, and management of Sleep Disorders.

How to Get Started with an Online Sleep Medicine Course in India

We have a direct link to the courses present on our website where you can directly enroll in the course. Apart from this, we have a detailed summary of everything that will be covered in the course.

The Importance of an Online ENT Sleep Medicine Course in India for Medical Professionals

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the number of people suffering from sleep disorders is increasing, and so they need for sleep specialists is increasing simultaneously. Since the number of problems is increasing, people are suffering more and more.

As the number of young talents entering the medical field is increasing, this is surely going to help people fight their problems. There is a lot more to come after completing the sleep medicine course. Below mentioned are some of the topics that are going to get updated:

  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  • Central Disorders of Hypersomnolence
  • Effects of chronic opioid therapy on sleep
  • Rhythm Sleep-Wake Disorders
  • Sleep-Related Movement Disorders

In recent times, where the pandemic has hit almost all of us, certain things are going around us. Sleep disorders among people are increasing as people are facing tensions that are going around.

Almost some years ago, sleep medicine started to develop, giving a wide aspect of sleep disorders and the medicines prescribed on them. There is a lack of awareness among people regarding this wherein people should be made aware of the topic.

The scope of sleep medicine is that there can be online workshops regarding the same, online sessions, online training, and consulting, which makes it easy for both patient and the specialist. In today’s time, more than 7,000 have specialized in caring for sleep health which is an important element of our life.

The scope of sleep medicine is not only in India but also Abroad as many people have sleep disorders and they need specialists there to make them better. It is very necessary to diagnose the problem and provide the treatment on it accordingly, which will help the patient get better at it.

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